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Hendrix Industrial Gastrux/Progressive Fuel Technlologies is please to announce that we have received EPA certification for the following Kawasaki engines:

  • Kawasaki 852cc FX751V
  • Kawasaki 852cc FX801V
  • Kawasaki 852cc FX850V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX730V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX691V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX651V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS481V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS541V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS600V

The Propane Education Research Council (PERC) has a mower incentive program while funds are available. Receive $500 back for approved conversion kits. Contact us for info.

check out our Progressive Fuel Technologies website strictly dedicated to propane conversion kits for lawn mowers


see what LP Gas magazine has to say about us.


**Click on this link to find out about the lawn mower incentive program through the Propane Education Research Council. (PERC)

Why should I consider converting my commercial lawn mower to an alternative fuel?

propane lawn mowerpropane lawn mower

Landscape companies are one of the fastest growing segments of  the alternative fuel conversion business.

  • propane costs less per gallon than gasoline
  • no more time consuming trips to gas station
  • spillage and theft are virtually non-existent
  • mowers can operate on ozone action days
  • extended oil and engine life
  • sealed containers-no possibility of fuel contamination
  • environmentally friendly

Many times a propane tank can be set up on your property or you can be put on a delivery tank-exchange route. At Hendrix, we can provide you with more information.

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lawn mowers use more gasoline than cars: guide published by the: National Renewable Energy Laboratory









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