Hendrix Industrial Gastrux is please to announce that we have received EPA certification for the following Kawasaki engines:

Kawasaki 852cc= FX751V, FX801V, FX850V

Kawasaki 726cc= FX730V, FX691V, FX651V

Kawasaki 603cc-= FS481V, FS541V, FS600V

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propane sawback saverpropane generator

Welcome to the Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, Inc. website.  We are glad you found us. We hope you will use our site to educate yourself on the benefits of converting your engine to run on propane or natural gas.

Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing LPG & CNG conversions since 1953. We are the pioneers in the alternative fuel conversion business. We convert small engines, generators, lawn mowers, forklifts, just to name a few and a growing list of vehicles.

Experience and expertise are what make a very real difference in a Hendrix system. Because we take the time to do our homework and then produce components to precise tolerances, a Hendrix system fits- and- works right out of the box. (does not apply to vehicles) You don’t need a machine shop, just a good set of wrenches. Should you ever require technical assistance, a Hendrix expert is as close as the phone, fax, or email hendrix.


Todd Hendrix, President



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